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Transforming a brand in the business of career transformation

May 20, 2021  

In a world predisposed to sameness, there are few things in life more satisfying than building brands that disrupt predisposition.


Brand has a meaning in the minds of your clients, fans and the public that goes far beyond functionality. Part art and part science, brand is the intangible yet visceral impact of a person’s subjective experience with a product or service.


Successful brands build emotional connections

Our goal when building brands for clients is to create a foundation that emotionally connects with and compels a client to take action.


Recently, we had the opportunity to differentiate a well-known local brand and leader in Calgary’s outplacement and HR market.


The Alberta economy, our workplaces, and the job market have changed and continue to change dramatically. Given this level of upheaval in our provincial marketplace, impact on careers, and new offerings by Toombs, the team asked themselves and their clients if their communication and identity reflected the firm they are today. The answer was no.


So they embarked on a strategic process to properly reflect the Toombs of a new decade.


While some things about the firm are changing enormously, and others – like their commitment to human-to-human interaction, to building relationships – will always stay true. We knew that this personal connection had to shine through. But, we also wanted to showcase their high tech tools alongside the high touch coaching. So the Toombs Online Academy was born as part of the new brand.

We knew it was important to share the absolute brilliance and dedication of their team. A team that metaphorically puts on their running shoes every day to achieve clarity, to breathe new ideas to life, to achieve incredible career transformations with their clients – despite the hurdles we as Albertans face today and for the foreseeable future.


We learned quickly about the value the Toombs coaches bring to people who are often at their most vulnerable after experiencing job loss. With deep experience and extensive education in the field, their team brings smart thinking, carefully crafted tools and intuition to play when working with clients. Their corporate partners also know they can turn to Toombs at a moment’s notice to handle their most important investment—their people—with the utmost care and attention.


Our challenge was to shine the light on how Toombs has implemented new technology, yet retained a personal touch through the power of human connection. Through this, they guide, motivate and empower those in their care – and see better results, faster.


How we helped


New identity

Their new look communicates their commitment to clients. The signature is a bold statement that speaks to a personalized approach and human connection. Modern and minimal, the signature script also stands for a new way of doing things.

We paired the signature with a bold black and yellow. This highlights that while they stand for new ideas, they also stand out and help clients do the same in a busy market place. The gold brings panache, a symbol that shows they will take them good places, places where they are poised to succeed and build strong and inspiring new worlds. We created a stamp to accompany the full brand signature.


Finally, they were also celebrating a major milestone in the business world: a 30 year anniversary. In recognition, we designed a celebratory stamp graphic that pulled in the “T” focus from the main signature.

Photography direction

New corporate photos captured the essence of their team with both warmth and professionalism.

Marketing collateral
Website transformation

Take a look at their website to see more on their brand transformation and valuable services.

With record high unemployment in Alberta coupled with touching reviews from past clients (“You were my life raft in the sea between uncertainty and possibility. Your support and advice were so valuable to me.”), we learned the value of this company to so many people and were honoured to be part of the brand transformation.


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