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There’s gold in them there Long-Tail Keywords!

December 8, 2014   Tags:

Ahhh, the long-tail keyword—what is it? For the layperson (i.e. you, your mom, a neighbour or the frantic student who waited until the last minute to do his […]

Online Reviews: The New “Word of Mouth”

December 1, 2014  

’Tis the Season of Giving: Write a Google Review   It’s no surprise that people trust recommendations from people they know. Well, in today’s culture of transparency, recommendations […]

What’s in a bad domain name?

September 4, 2014   Tags:

We’ve all seen them. Those terrible, poorly created domain names (also known as URLs) that you either cannot remember or make no sense. They might be missing an […]

Visual content dominates the web in 2014

Importance of visual content for the web

August 25, 2014   Tags: ,

How do you inspire your customers? Through your wonderful product or service, of course! But how do you keep them constantly inspired, engaged…and wanting to buy from you?

Why Blog?

June 27, 2014   Tags:

Haven’t started a blog yet? You are definitely missing out.   Did you know 60 percent of businesses that blog regularly acquire more customers? Yes, it’s true, and […]