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Superior web design for Superior Plumbing

November 24, 2014   Tags: ,

Building a memorable online brand with personality and targeted digital approach


Superior Plumbing is a Calgary-based plumbing company that prides itself on quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and trained certified personnel. Owner and Master Plumber Blair Daigle runs a team of Master Journeymen providing plumbing installations, products, consultations, permits and repairs.


The Challenge: modernize existing website

In addition to modernizing the look of the site, one of the immediate goals was to improve their old website’s navigation and flow. It was a simple, eight-page website and limited in scope.


Building a robust, optimized site with industry keywords that would get results was a top priority for Superior Plumbing. They also wanted to make the site memorable by highlighting integrity, personality and character of the owner.


Converting prospects to customers was ultimate overall goal, so we focused on enhancing the pages to create sales leads.


Website makeover: the process of building a personal, memorable brand

Superior Plumbing consulted with Not Your Average Jo Communications on a website redesign. The idea was to build the site as an extension of the Superior Plumbing brand, with owner Blair Daigle front and centre as the face of the company.


We evaluated the existing site, researched the market, and reviewed competitors’ sites. Creating an identity that would resonate with customers would help solidify the brand and create a more memorable experience for those searching for a plumbing company.


The old website used stock photos that weren’t personal to Blair or Superior Plumbing, so we set up a photo shoot with local photographer, Monique de St Croix.


You’ll now see Blair in the upper right “money spot” with a “Call Blair the Plumber” tagline beneath it. Whether you’re visiting the blog or a service page, this branding is hard to miss. It sets a friendly, “we get it done” attitude for the company, and creates a strong association in the prospect’s mind.


The color palette includes red, grey, and white. The red is used on copy that requires attention, such as “Call Blair The Plumber” on Blair’s picture, as well as on the text “Calgary-based plumbers at Superior Plumbing” beneath the slideshow.


There are several ways for prospects to get in touch with Superior Plumbing, including the phone number and “Get a Quote” button at the top, as well as the red “Get In Touch” button beneath the slideshow.


Superior Plumbing: new homepage
Superior Plumbing: new homepage


The “Message from Blair” adds a personal touch, while the media placement from HOLMES Magazine showcases the expertise and credibility of the company. The Plumber’s Blog also gives the prospect another reason to trust and follow Superior Plumbing.


Social media links are provided both at the top and bottom of the site, as well as other contact information.


Each page was constructed with both users and search engines in mind. All of the service pages are optimized for key terms and targeted for the Calgary market.


Variety of service pages  optimized for specific keywords
Variety of service pages optimized for specific keywords


It’s now easy for prospects to find real reviews from previous clients.


Reviews from real customers: front and centre
Reviews from real customers: front and centre


User Experience

When a prospect visits the Superior Plumbing website, they want to get their plumbing issue resolved. Keeping this in mind, the site was built to flow easily for the customer.


The drop down navigation menu makes it easy for the prospect to see the various services offered by Superior Plumbing.


drop down


The call-to-action buttons are large and easy to read. Whether a prospects decides to call for more information, or get a quote through the website, it is simple to get in touch.


The bottom line: has a new website for Superior Plumbing translated into more customers?


Yes, we’re pleased to report.


Daigle says many of his new clients have called because of his new website. “They have told me that it’s professional, easy to use, and most of all, it’s personable,” says Daigle. “I have seen a drastic improvement in calls for service since Not Your Average Jo madeover my website.”


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