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Retrospective on the year that was

April 11, 2021  

Ah. The good ol’ days as we knew them and fondly yearn for. Much has been written and contemplated about the year that was, and the year that is to come.


A worldwide epidemic has coined many phrases that have become both strangely commonplace and tired: let’s Zoom (really, again?); pivot; unprecedented (for us, yes, for the planet at large, no); uncertain times; decision fatigue; we’re all in this together; social distancing; now, more than ever; the new normal—the list goes on.


Physician Sense, a lifestyle blog for healthcare professionals, includes their take on yet another overused phrase: better together.


Better together. Are we though? We think we’re better apart. At least 6 feet apart, to be precise. In all seriousness though, in this highly divisive time in our history, it’s apparent that we’re in need of some reconciliation. A dose of effective communication will help. We can work it out. But can we work it out socially distanced? Let’s Zoom.

Ford Hughes, J. (2021), ‘Quarantine Phrases That We’re Absolutely Sick of Hearing,‘ Physician Sense, 12 April 21.


One thing is certain, over this last year we have seen the importance of clear communication unfolding in real time, most importantly in the domain of public health messaging and its impact—negative or positive—on human behaviour.


The need to communicate clearly, concisely and quickly was just as important for businesses. As the year rolled along, business owners have been faced with a constant stop-start cycle; requisite pivots and the need to communicate these changes quickly.


As a solo-preneur in the communicaitons industry, it can be heavy lifting on one’s own with the days seamlessly blending into one another. Luckily and thankfully, I haven’t been on my own. By karma or good planning, or a little of both, a partnership with Shannon Larkins of Blackcoffee Studio was borne B.C.*


This partnership has been meaningful both on a professional and personal level. Take a read from Shannon’s post The Anniversary Effect.


It’s been a minute. It’s been a lifetime. In fact, it’s been a year. And what a year it’s been…


As I write this blog, reflecting on the anniversary of our pact, it is the actual anniversary of the World Health Organization officially declaring a worldwide pandemic.


Usually when a catastrophic event hits, survivors have made considerable steps in processing their emotions and reactions to what happened; yet at the one-year mark, they are felled by The Anniversary Effect, a milestone that triggers traumas of the past.  


Thankfully, we’ve been able to weather the storm that is Covid, help our clients with jarring “pivots” and even have the good fortune to work on exciting projects for new clients.


What a year it’s been. We’ll be sharing some of the successes of the projects that have kept us busy, sane and even joyful to be in the industry we’re in over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy and find a little inspiration in the upcoming posts.


*Before Covid