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Importance of visual content for the web

August 25, 2014   Tags: ,

How do you inspire your customers? Through your wonderful product or service, of course! But how do you keep them constantly inspired, engaged…and wanting to buy from you?


If you have a website, you may be already starting to keep things fresh and interesting through a blog (and if you’re not, shame on you! Read our first post and learn how to get one started.)


Did you know, on average, people will only read about 28% of the words on a page?


Makes a compelling case for using photos and videos, doesn’t it?

Many studies have been done in the digital marketing space, and time and time again it has been shown that visual content dominates in the eyes of the customer. Did you know that 90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual? With those kinds of numbers, businesses need to have a visual content plan in place!


Infographics help us process data into meaningful messages
Infographics help us process data into meaningful messages


Here are a few other important morsels to remember about the importance of visual content marketing:


Remember, visual content is a tool that ensures your conversation is lively, interesting, and memorable. Think of it as visual storytelling; people are wired to respond better to stories.


Visual content and SEO

In addition to the ability to capture the all-mighty customer’s attention, visual content also has an important place in search engine optimization (SEO). Images need to have captions and tags for the search engines to recognize their meaning and importance for a website.


Conveying an important message through photos and videos is easier than you think. As you start to think of ideas for your next video or image-driven blog post, here are several ideas to kickstart your creative fuel:




A picture can be worth a thousand words

Remember, visual content expresses ideas more quickly than straight text or words. With the added benefit of social media, photos and videos grab much more attention, making it easier to connect with your customers – and create loyalty. After all, at the end of the day, isn’t that what all business owners want?


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