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It’s Awards Season! Why you should consider applying for industry awards

January 15, 2015  

Yes, it’s that time of year once again. Time to set your PVR to catch the full line-up of award shows and fashion statements (or not).


It’s also time to consider applying for your industry awards. Why, you ask? There are a number of benefits to both your company and individuals. Here are my top three reasons why it’s great to win, be nominated and shortlisted for awards.


1. Everyone loves a winner.

I would say enough said, but let me expand a bit. You can call yourself award-winning in all of your promotional materials: print, digital, radio, POS—you name it. This is valuable, industry-sanctioned third party credibility from your peers of the highest standing gives you a leg up on your competitors.


See recent award nomination for Integrity Post Structures’ partner Jerry Myer for Alberta Business Awards of Distinction. The nomination is profiled on their blog, website homepage, social media and e-news.


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2. Awards open PR doors.

Being nominated for an award—or better yet winning—offers numerous opportunities to garner publicity. At a minimum, you can leverage the award solely through social media or your own channels.


Typically, you will also get coverage from the award sponsor on their website, social media platforms and sometimes in a feature video. See Integrity Post Structures’ award nominee video for a recent award below>>



Award nominations and/or wins give you a reason to pitch your story to reporters and bloggers in your industry. Your coverage opportunities continue to grow with successful story pitches. So goes the knock-on effect—you get more opportunities to share news stories with your clients through your own channels.


Plus, awards and media coverage can help establish your credibility as an expert in your field for particular reporters you want to build rapport with (so that they call you instead of your competitor for commentary on the next big story).


3. Build credibility in the marketplace.

Nothing beats a great review to help your customers build trust and make decisions about your products and services. Winning an award works in much the same way, but potentially even more so. You’re gaining a third party endorsement from a reputable source.


When an unaffiliated expert speaks positively about your brand, you gain significant credibility that is difficult to achieve in almost any other way.


Making your application

While this may sound great in theory, there’s a lot of work to be done to be considered for an award including research, and the often cumbersome process of applying. But once you get that first application done, much of the groundwork has been laid for future award nominations.


Treat your entry like a job pitch—you need to get the judges’ attention, give them what they’ve asked for and make them want to read your material.


Awards can be a powerful marketing tool. When combined with a brand promise that delivers, they can help drive you to the position of market leader.


Does this all sound great but you lack the time? Get in touch to see how we can help>>


And just for fun, if you missed any of the Golden Globes zingers by favourite presenters Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, have a watch here>>