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Social - Digital - PR Strategist

My communications philosophy? It's in a state of constant and rapid flux. Tomorrow, communication practices will be different than today. Brands are now defined as the sum of all conversations. The winners will be those who embrace this change and become part of it.

We live in a digital word-of-mouth world where it's critical for you - and your reputation - to track what's being said, as well as the latest trends and technologies.

I get by with a little help from my friends

I collaborate on projects with other awesome freelancers who mostly work from our home offices or random coffee shops. Need a SEO specialist? Check. A photographer? Check. Pollster? Check. This independent spirit allows us to be nimble and adapt quickly to trends. Everything is customized to the client, the challenge and the consumer.
Have a specific need or do you need to roll out a large campaign? I can call on the best in the industry to work alongside me to produce outstanding results. We gauge success by return on investment, interactions and influence. And we measure every point with precision. We work on metrics that provide you with a crystal clear understanding of how, where and why tactics are working, as well as show us how to improve.
About Me
Born and raised in the rural Métis community in southwestern Manitoba's Turtle Mountains, home of the infamous Turtle Derby, I spent many hours as a child collecting lean, mean racing turtles—hoping to make the big win.

When it was time to choose a real career (there’s not much advancement in turtle racing), I decided to pursue my love of news—but from the other side of the desk in PR.

I began by getting a BA in Public Relations from the University of North Dakota, worked in politics as a press secretary, then continued at the University of Southern California where I received my MA in Communication Management. This move of course had absolutely nothing to do with harsh Manitoba winters. I also hold a Digital Marketing Certificate from the Canadian Marketing Association and continue to take a variety of courses to ensure I’m up on the latest trends.
Then it was back to Canada to continue my career in communications. I’ve been involved in many different projects in a range of sectors—almost two decades in the business now—for corporate, government, non-profits and small business. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see more about where and who I’ve worked for.

Along the way, I’ve helped with a number of disaster relief efforts—a highlight being a spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross in NYC at Ground Zero during 9/11.

But before I start working with you, I want to know this: what do you believe in? Because what drives you is what will drive me. I’m inspired by clients who love what they do, and believe in it.

One other thing you should know - I'm a big believer in fun.

Although I don't take myself too seriously, I take my work and my clients very seriously.
If you are looking for a traditional marketing agency that focuses on existing media, then I'm probably not right for you. But if you're really ready to connect with people, then we should talk.
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